Their Taste in Tunes – Warhammer 40K – Chaos Gods

So I’ve made my own site, posting will be a bit disparate initially. With the exception of this column I’m not certain of what else will be going up for a while. And no clue of their regularity. I’ve a few ideas for videos that will be posted here, assuming I ever get around to them, feel free to check back, I’ll at least have a new one of these every week.

So how about this new column then? ‘Their Taste in Tunes’ will be a weekly piece listing some of the thematic songs that you just know some groups or characters would listen too. For the debut list we will listen to some of the tracks popular among the Chaos Gods, as well as their followers and daemons. I’m only just getting into 40K so I’m not heavily knowledgeable.

The tracks will be based on their aspects and traits. But hey, I’m sure they listen to more than one song. I’ll probably come back to them at some point.

I’ll avoid using songs directly about or for things (e.g. I wouldn’t use Nord Mead for a Skyrim list). However I may use such songs for the things they’re not directly about or referencing.


The chaos god of pleasure, indulgence and excess. Slaanesh is also the god of other similar hedonistic tendencies and debauchery.


The chaos god of death and decay. Papa Nurgle encompasses rot, pestilence and decay. I overheard this song somewhere out and about the other day and just thought ‘Yeah, Nurgle.’ The Nurgle set is the one I’ve started with by the way.


The chaos god of anger, hate and violence. Khorne is all about destrution and doom


Tzeentch encompasses aspects of ambition, plotting and conspiracy, change, psionics and conspiracy et cetera.

So with what I know of the chaos gods (admittedly very little) I feel as though these songs would be in line with Their Taste In Tunes. There will be groups from a wide variety of media featured in the future, possible the Deadric princes, different vampiric bloodlines, the groups from the Hobbit films, the different Starcraft races etc, just to name a few.

I’m sure my decisions for future pieces will have more of a justification for them. Easier done when I’ll be somewhat more versed in the groups/characters I’m associating the music with.

Do you think these songs suit the Chaos Gods? What other songs should I feature for them at a later point? What groups should I write about in the future? Let me know, through the comments or on Twitter via @ThePsionicBard


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