Their Taste in Tunes – Starcraft II – Nova: Covert Ops – Dominion Dudes

So the final mission pack for Nova: Covert Ops has been released. We can finally find out what will happen with the Defenders of Man, what will become of the Terran Dominion. And whether or not humanity will have to gear up for war with the zerg once again. Or will humanity on the KoPrulu sector need to worry about the Tal’Darim.

But hey everyone needs to unwind, and a lot of people use music as a tool to that end. Let’s listen to some of the songs popular amongst some of the prominent characters in the Dominion. OF course, it may be a bit spoilery of the Starcraft 2 campaign, one of the larger aspects of it being turmoil about the dominion, so be wary of that if you’ve not already played it.

Also, given the rules, not too mention I don’t think it’d particularly suit any of the characters listed, I can’t include Terran Up The Night. Unfortunate, oh, wait, is that a hyperlink?


Hey, might as well start off with the campaign’s namesake. Nova, is the Dominions best assassin, capable of cloaking to get in and get the job done. Hell, most of my play was just stacking up nukes while she sniped things from (relative) safety, a nice number of liberators helped too… You know, I’ve actually had this song stuck in my head for a while now but didn’t think to use it for this. Just a nice coincidence I get to give you all the earworm that I’ve been dealing with.

Valerian Mengsk

Emperor of the terran dominion, an inherited position for his father, Arcturus. You could argue that he shouldn’t lead based on that but he has been raised for it, whether he likes it or not. He’s not been shown to be a bad leader and tries to distance himself from the reputation of his father. With the zerg incursions and the Defenders of Man to deal with though, it can be a tough job…

Rory Swann

One of the Raynor’s Raiders alumnus, the group that worked to oust the rule of Arcturus. One of the Dominion’s prime engineers and tech specialists. When he need to get involved in a fight, he’s well armed, carrying his flame turret ‘flaming Betty’ with him. A good commander too, he brings with him a powerful mining beam, the Drakken Laser cannon. Sure it was originally designed for mining purposes but if something can cut through metal and rock, you can probably assume it would hurt living things. He works hard, we can probably assume he plays hard too.

Matt Horner

Another of the Raynor’s Raiders alumni. Horner was the second in command to Raynor and generally was more focused and less emotional than Raynor in the decisions regarding the revolution (He wasn’t always drunk). He was essentially the Happy Hogan (or maybe Jarvis) to Raynor’s Stark. He ultimately wanted to do right by people, to work toward a brighter future.


One of the Dominion’s top tech specialists, Reigel develops tech for nova and her troops, when she can find the resources for him that is… Top specialist like Swann, though a distinction can be made that where Swann is more engineering based, Reigel is more science based. He also provide tactical oversight in the planning stages of the Covert Ops team’s mission.

And so ends the second of Their Taste in Tunes. A bit more topical this time. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, it just turns out to be sooner that I list a song that isn’t on Spotify, in this instance, It’s Tough To Be a God. If I get back to Starcraft at some point, there are at least three other characters that would definitely suit Invisible Man… What will next weeks entry be about though? Can’t say for sure, but I can say with decent confidence that there will be a new column debuting next Wednesday… You’ll just have to come back and see for yourself.


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