Their Taste in Tunes – Starcraft II – Raynor’s Retinue

Well we talked about Starcraft 2 was shortly after the release of Nova: Covert Ops last week. But there are a lot of characters from the game that haven’t gotten mention yet and today we’ll be listening along with some more of our terran peeps. Only some of those who’ve had some dealings with Raynor over the course of the revolution (I’ll get to you some day Hammer!). Sure, Swann and Horner are pivotal character to the revolution but they were featured last time, hence their absence here.

James ‘Jim’ Raynor

Leader of Ranyor’s Raiders (who’d have guessed?), he led the revolt against the tyrannical rule of Arcturus Mengsk. And it was all staged from their commandeered dominion flagship battlecruiser, the Hyperion. Sure, Arcturus has done terrible things and caused the deaths of millions but one stings more than others for Jim, the ‘death’ of Sarah Kerrigan.

Tychus Findlay

An old war buddy of Jim Raynor, Tychus was captured and later put on a sort of work-release, bound to his power armour, unable to take it off. He arrives to offer up some shared work with his old buddy to retrieve ancient alien artifacts in exchange for a decent payday. Easy enough right? Well maybe if they weren’t safeguarded by the fanatical Tal’Darim or being sought out by the zerg led by the Queen of Blades.

Mira Han

A mercenary and pirate, working out of less regulated systems of the Koprulu sector. Not only is she a reputable mercenary and cutthroat entrepreneur, she is also wife to Matt Horner. Not that he wants to acknowledge it at all, probably more awkward now that he is a high ranking commander of the Dominion.

Egon Stetmann

Chief science officer aboard the Hyperion, always eager to study another protoss relic, or some interesting zerg biomass. A little excitable with new research opportunities at times, but loyal nonetheless. He has his own custom medic suit which far exceeds the capabilities of a standard terran medic. He went missing a while back though… I wonder what became of him… That name seems reminiscent of something though doesn’t it?


Tosh is an interesting character, a part of a line of discontinued Dominion assassins once thought to be the next generation of Ghosts, the Spectres. He makes his own way onto the Hyperion to offer opportunities to earn both credits and resources, and his potential loyalty in the revolution at hand… He’s none to fond of Arcturus either, much like Raynor, just wants to see him dead. Another character I would want to use Invisible Man for but it’s been too soon… Even if it would be perfectly suited to him.


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