Their Taste in Tunes – Dragon Age: Origins – The Champion’s Companions

Whose playlists are we eavesdropping on this week? Well it’s none other than the travelling companions of the hero of Ferelden. Bane of the fifth blight’s archdemon Urthemial, the hero of ferelden had many stalwart companions on their journey to restore peace. Though accounts of the hero themselves is inconsistent, their companions are fairly consistent by all accounts. It’s a long list is week…


First raised by his uncle, the Arl Eamonn of Redcliffe, he was sent to the chantry to become a templar, this bastard prince was fine with being conscripted into the ranks of the grey wardens. Though an older member of the order, he didn’t like responsibility or leadership and deferred to the hero of Ferelden throughout the blight.


The swamp witch, raised outside the influence of the chantry and taught her magic outside of the Circle of Magi. She was taught by the witch of the wilds of legend, Flemeth, who just so happens to be her mother, and maybe something more… A skilled arcanist, she knows magics thought lost lost by the Circle, shapeshifting, slipping into the form of animals without a care.


A former sister of the chantry in Lothering she left due to disagreements over the nature of the Maker. She believed he hadn’t abandoned the world but was instead was with everyone, in their thoughts and dreams. This hopeful sister is more than meets the eye (she’s not a transformer) as  in her shadowy past she was a minstrel, a spy and assassin. Stealing the secrets and the lives of some powerful individuals. It was the betrayal at the hand of her mentor that had her flee that life. For a while at least.


Not a name but a rank in the Qunari, though for all intents and purposes during the Fifth Blight, he was the only qunari around. And what is a name but something you call someone. I guess I’m trying to just say that it isn’t a personal thing, the name. Oh well, “names are pretty, but useless.” Though imposing and very matter of fact about things, Sten is actually a connoisseur of fine art, admire the discipline and steady hands of skilled painters. Oh he also joined the hero after being exonerated for the murder of a farm’s worth of people.


Enchanter in the ferelden Circle of Magi, Wynne was highly respected by her peers and was proficient in healing magics. She has had some dealings with spirits in The Fade, but she also knows how to deal with spirits outside of it too, though she has a preference for wines.


An accomplished assassin with the Antivan Crows, though not of choice. He was sold to the group as a child and was raised to be an assassin. He was hired by Teyrn Loghain to assassinate both the hero of Ferelden and Allistair, the only known Wardens in Ferelden. After being bested he pleas for his life and then pledges himself to the hero of Ferelden in hopes of escaping the Crows, the most renowned assassin guild in Thedas.


A disgraced drunken dwarf if the warrior caste in Orzammar, Oghren is husband to the Paragon Branka, of the smith caste. By the time the hero arrives in Orzammar she’s been gone for over two years, in search of the Anvil of the Void, the artifact used by Caridin to create golems. Wouldn’t an army of golems help in a war against the darkspawn? Oghren however simply wants his wife back, and once he’s given the all clear, accompanies the hero to the deep roads and beyond. He was disgraced in Orzammar, and forbidden from carrying a weapon in the city for killing a nobleman’s son in a duel.


And speaking of golems, that’s just what Shale is, though prior under the command of a vindictive mage, Shale is smaller than most other golems dues to the efforts of the mage, efforts involving a chisel… Frozen is place by the mage after killing his wife, Shale has spent a lifetime as a town’s mascot statue, forced to stand there, acting as the most popular haunt for pigeons. Shale hates pigeons for this reason, they didn’t appreciate being used as a toilet for so long. In reactivating the golem, the hero granted it it’s free will. It was kind enough however to accompany the hero of their journey.


And who can forget about Barkspawn? (I almost did) Well, much like the nature of the hero themself, the actual name of Barkspawn is unknown, just generally accepted as such. Barkspawn is a mabari warhound. Hardy dogs bred to be fiercely loyal and intelligent “We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” Where he came from is a matter of debate too, some say he was with the hero as he arrived at Ostagar, others say an injured mabari that he helped there had imprinted on him.

So we have nine songs this week, and two of them are cartoon themes.I’m sure I could get more in the future. I doubt a list will be so long for a while unless it’s on the Daedric princes. But who knows, you’ll just have to check next week .


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