Their Taste in Tunes – Heroes of Dragon Quest – Dragon Quest Heroes

The last of Their Taste in Tunes of the year. And how should we round it out but with another franchise brought into the fray? I LOVE the Dragon Quest franchise, to the point I was actually considering getting a PS4 for Heroes, thankfully it came out on PC (There is still Dragon Quest Builders though…). Heroes has characters from plenty a game in it but for this list we’ll just listen in with the local heroes of the game: Aurora, Luceus, Doric, Isla and *sigh* Healix.


One of two playable main characters (i.e. who is default in the team and who the player can name), Aurora is the more hot-headed of the two, more likely to charge in to face her foes head on. With her fiery temperament and predominantly red clothing colour, she of course has abilities centered around ice such as ‘Frost Slash’ and ‘Cold Fission’.


The other main playable character, clad in blue and using flame based abilities. Luceus is constantly going on about strategies and planning, seriously, try and find a cutscene where he doesn’t talk about them. And for all that, I can’t remember any of his plans, save for maybe, attack the enemy.

King Doric

Probably more protective of the main characters than they they are of him, despite them being his royal guard Oh and the perspective of the above image is off. He is considerably taller than the others, and Healix is much smaller. He’s got a lot on his plate with the attack of the monsters and them taking Arba, ejecting him from his palace and all the people from the city.


Dear friend of king Doric. And a skilled engineer, having designed some turrets to fight off monsters in key locations but more importantly. She developed the Stonecloud, the parties mobile base in time of darkness. She was also head of the magic institute before her attention was diverted… The stonecloud is pretty awesome though, it’ll definitely get a spot on my list of flying bases/towns/fortresses (when I get to it!)


A healslime friend of the Aurora and Luceus since childhood, his father left him to adventure with nothing but his crown. He tries to make friends with everyone. It’s still a mystery why he was unaffected whilst all other monsters were. Yangus and himself quickly become dear friends, thick as thieves as it were. But everyone seems cool enough with him.



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