Their Taste in Tunes – Dragon Age – Thedas’ Tracks

Welcome to the inaugural post of 2017, for whatever importance that is. It might be a good milestone if this piece lasts another year, no plans for it to end, but who knows what the future may bring. For now however, ever thought about what the various nations about Thedas might be listening to?


The eastern monarchy on the southern landmass of Thedas, it was host to both the fifth blight and a civil war at the same time. This all led to a lot of confusion as to who was the head of state, I’m sure the landsmeet was a very civil matter dealing with it though. It’s land is largely suited to farming and fishing. Though one of the lakes is home to the Circle of Magi in Ferelden. Ferelden is also host to the last great Dwarven city of Orzammar.


Orlais lies directly west of Frelden, separated by the Frostback mountains. And if you think the political landscape of Ferelden is duplicitous, an invite to a party hosted by the empress will have you courted by her traitors. While she has asked you to root them out! It has a somewhat frugal, flamboyant nature as seen by those from Ferelden, though their chevaliers are a reputable force. Orlais and Ferelden are really two sides of the same coin, despite a spotty past with Orlaisian occupation of Ferelden.


Tevinter Imperium

An empire ruled by mages, its borders once spanned throughout most of Thedas, evidenced by the remains of their imperial highway in southern Ferelden. A good place to live if you’re a prominent mage, otherwise, not too great, especially if you’re an elf. Slavery is an accepted aspect of Tevinter society. It’s rumoured that city elves of Denerim were even being sold to the imperium during the commotion of the fifth blightunder the guise of medical assistance.

Free Marches

A nation that exists as a coalition of independent city states, a popular place for ferelden refugees during the fifth blight, most going through the city of Kirkwall. It was in Kirkwall that the mages’ rebellion began, largely induced by the action of one of Ferelden’s Regugees, one by the name of ‘Hawke’. From there, things just spiraled out of control.

Par Vollen

Par Vollen is the island nation off the north coast of mainland Thedas. It is home to the Qunari in Thedas, the militaristic nation of large horned humanoids that live by their dotrine, the Qun. Most qunari don’t have their own names as they generally just go by their rank in the Qun. Ultimately, they want everyone following the Qub, and a war to enforce this is just an inevitability.


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