January ’17 in Review

EDIT: I also saw La La Land (twice I believe), I enjoyed it.


And so the first month of the year has already come to a close and it was a tumultuous one indeed. Certain aspects of my life have been far from ideal and the fallout of certain news is to be pertinent for quite a while. But alas, let me try to focus on this site and what it means for it. Access to my PC is a bit spotty at the moment. I’ve opted to change Their Taste in Tunes to a monthly piece. It started off with a lot of steam but I’m already reusing game universes, which there’s no problem with but I feel as though it’d be better to space things out a bit more lest I run out of ideas. Apologies for not giving an update on that earlier, if anyone was wondering where the piece had been the last few weeks.

Regarding this piece though the planning  may not be the best, I wanted to start a month in review piece and thought it would be better to start in January as opposed to February. I’d have like to have had it up on the last day of the month but who knows? It may work out better on the first of the month, what if I see an awesome new movie or play a cool game on the last day of the month? It will also feature news on what’s happening regarding the site (see: the above paragraph)

As I said, this months piece is not the best planned out, I feel as though I may leave out a few films I’ve seen, as is the majority of what this will be about, I don’t think there were any new games played. Well, I say ‘new’ games, but I mean any games I’ve not played before, hey if I’m replaying something I enjoyed I’ll probably refer to that too. WAIT! I’ve been playing Pokemon Duel, so that’s something.

I’ve been to the cinema a lot over the month, so it’s a matter of trying not to forget things I’ve seen… Eh, writing about films has never been my strong point but then again, this isn’t a piece for long-form reviews. I may just list films or give one word thoughts on them for my own reference of what I’ve seen.

New Release Films

Assassin’s Creed

Meh, it was alright I guess, I mean, I could watch it again but I felt it was simultaneously too long and too short.


The most recently seen of the films, I really liked it. Though the trailers give the implication of adult Saroo flashing back to his childhood frequently, it really plays in two parts with the first half during his childhood and the second half about his search for home. I found the first half to be more engaging but that doesn’t mean I disliked the second half at all.

Live By Night

A fantastic film about a man driven by revenge to become a prominent rum smuggler during the prohibition. It doesn’t pull punches when it comes to some of it’s violence, a conversation may end with someone getting shot with the only build up being that a gun is there.


I said Assassin’s Creed was meh, this was more meh. It was better than I thought it would be but I had low expectations going into it. So I guess it had that going for it at least…


Other Films

Well… there’s Netflix…

Galaxy of Terror

Meh, an old sci-fi film about extraction of a team because a glowing red skull said so. It’s not great but it’s name is something.

Ip Man

A fantastic kung-fu film about Ip Man, a master of Wing Chun. There are two sequels that I’ve to watch soon. I’ve the taste for kung-fu films at the moment.

The Legend of the Drunken Master

Another great kung-fu film, though a comedy, unlike Ip Man. Starring Jackie Chan, the plot revolves around the theft of Chinese artifacts and the exploitation of steel mill workers.

The Rezort

An interesting premise, set some point after a zombie incursion, an island hosts a resort dedicated to hunting zombies. Of course things go wrong and the film follows one group’s fight to escape before the island is bombed.


New Games

Pokemon Duel

The trailer for this game went up just over a week ago, and it all seemed like nonsense, but hey, I was looking for something to play on my phone. It plays as a sports board games with collectible figures. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a review done for The-Arcade.ie and if I do I’ll drop the link here. It’s a fun game, although the tutorial took about twenty minutes…


I think that’s about it for January, oh, I watched The OA but I don’t know how I really feel about it (I can’t get the specific clip I want to respond to it.) There’ll be plenty more films and the like to talk about come March, I’m sure. I’m hoping to see Split soon and The Lego Batman Movie is out soon too, amongst other things. Oh, there’s The Great Wall. Hopefully I’ll get Their Taste in Tunes on Monday too so stay tuned for that.



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