Their Taste in Tunes – Dragon Quest VIII – Cursed King’s Compadres

Feels like it’s been quite some time since the last one of these. Well I suppose it has in a relative sense. Had I continued at the pace I was at there’d be four more pieces in between this and the last one. As I mentioned in my January in Review piece, it was a matter of pacing amongst other things, monthly will be the new schedule, at least for a while, it may become fortnightly but I’m making no promises.

So Dragon Quest VIII was released on the 3ds recently, I’m going to need to try and secure a copy. DQ8 was my introduction to the series and remains one of my favourite games and franchises. As an aside, I’m trying to decide on a cosplay and a lot of the options are DQ characters. I think I’m going to have to listen to the soundtrack again later…

The Journey of the Cursed King’s cast is large and all interesting in their own ways. But today we’ll just listen with the cursed king’s compadres. Well, the some of them.


Thief turned noble hero. Loyal to the Guv’nor, the player character, for saving his life after he attempted to rob their party.Hailing from Pickham, his choices were pretty limited to either theif or mark. He chose the path of the former.


A noble with an affinity for offensive magics. Her mother disapproved of her choice to join the adventure, but she was driven by her need to avenge the death of her brother at the hands of Dhoulmagus.


Templar orphan and half brother of the captain, Marcello. Marcello was all to happy to let him leave the abbey, he was never to fond of Angelo. And Angelo also had someone to avenge when he joined the gang, the abbot.


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