February ’17 in Review

For the shortest month of the year, it felt quite drawn out for me. Of course now in review of the month I realise how little I’ve seen or played. Well, relatively speaking, I’ve seen four new films, but other than that? Eh, not so much. I’ve not played much of any new games in a while, I’ve been trying to go through a bit of my backlog as it is. Not to mention it’s generally more beneficial to wait for some time after a games release, to get all the content often at a price lower at the base release price. Eh, I suppose that’s not the case as much with indie games save for the price thing with sales. If I want this site to be relevant going forward with games however, I know that it would behoove me to start covering some newer games as they come out. Though if I was to write about those I’d probably do it for The-Arcade.ie.

Personally though? I’ve gotten some good news regarding appointments and whatnot. The month ahead will be a busy one, helping a friend with a show, the aforementioned appointment which is a ways away, someone’s birthday and possibly more. Still plenty to be stressed about too though. Let’s see how things go. With Febraury though, as I’ve said, it’s felt very drawn out. I’ve had many appointments and the like, locally, but it’s still very tiresome. I’ve also had an idea for a project I’d lime to work on but not done much work on that as of yet, just the base idea.

New Release Films

Lego Batman

It could be debated as the quintessential Batman film. It actually has a character arc in it. A rare treat in a Batman film. I enjoyed it, I actually saw it thrice. Once during the preview screening, once for my brother’s birthday and then when visiting a friend. It was only at the last viewing that there was an ad for the Ninjago film, looks good.


Eh, an alright film. I thought it would be more uncomfortable (I’m glad it wasn’t). From what I’d heard I thought there would be more prison stuff. It was fine, just didn’t find it to entertaining to be honest. It made me realise there were a lot of biopics happening, with itself, Jackie, Lion, Hidden Figures, and there’s probably more that just escape me at the moment. I didn’t know Nick Kroll was in it, that was a nice surprise.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I know a lot of people have a bit of disdain for the series. But is that just because of the series’ namesake? I’m not massive into the series, just seen bits of the others, watched some reviews. I found the film enjoyable, some nice action schlock. It also featured what resembled giant mutalisks. Annoyingly though, in a film subtitled The Final Chapter, they sequel bait…


Yeah, it was alright. I’ve not seen Unbreakable but I’m curious as to what’s the plan with some sort of expanded universe.

Other Films

I’ve actually not watched any other films over the month.


Luke Cage

I finally watched Luke Cage, I’ve seen Daredevil and Jessica Jones already and I want more!

New Games

Fire Emblem Heroes

The only new game I’ve played over the month. I’ve not played any of the Fire Emblem games and it’s clearly there for fan service. The gameplay isn’t bad though, fairly basic grid and turn based combat. Of course it has the one to five star character rating, though unlike a lot of other games you can actually upgrade the star rating of your characters, which is good to see. It also has some voice acting which is surprising for these sorts of games. The story though is bare bones at best, not too good at all, hinted at possible later expansion though.

Other Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I’ve played this when it first came out but never played the director’s cut. I was going for a no-alarm run but of course that was ended on the Belltower island (where you are stripped of your upgrades). Fun though, I’d like to try Mankind Divided but haven’t yet for reasons described above. And now that the series has been put on the backburner with a poor ending, eh… I’d be more offput knowing that it doesn’t have a proper ending.

Heroes Of the Storm

Been playing a decent bit of it, went through the events, played some Lúcio. Lúcio by the way is amazing, a support I actually enjoy playing in HoTS. His maneuverability and escape potential, for himself and teammates is amazing. That and his ultimate can do some load of damage, Reverse Amp, has his aura have opposite effects on nearby foes, slowing or damaging, and at level twenty the countdown can be stopped so long as two foes are in range of it, brilliant in theam fights and skirmishes.

Paper Sorcerer

A fun turn based RPG, wherein you play as a sorcerer imprisoned in a tome which plays home to many of the realms most dangerous threats. You summon some of your thralls to assist in escaping your paper prison. It’s good. And rather inexpensive too. I got it ages ago, mind. I just noticed that when looking at the store page recently.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Another game I’d started playing some time ago, I finally finished it, on Tuesday afternoon actually. It was made a bit more difficult, having not getting medical supplies before the final run. I figured out how to tag foes during the end of the game though. I played using a rifle and a drone, didn’t help that the drone was destroyed during the first stage of the final boss but that may have been the hardest, I had two summons ready for the second, though I question the usefulness of the mummy.


The post-apocalyptic rouge lite dungeon crawler based around getting boozed. What put me off this for a while was the concept of the SOB, someone who would chase you with a minigun if you took too long on a level. Playing it I don’t have too big a problem with it but that’s not to say other things aren’t problematic. It’s a rogue lite but also encourages grinding to get perks for a character, all of which get lost on death. So you just get encouraged to do it all again. And the inventory management can be a bit annoying at times too. There does seem to be an arc as you go to more dangerous coolers but I’ve only gotten as far as the second at the moment. It can be enjoyable though, just with a lot of nuisance.


And I think that’s about it for February of 2017. I was planning on maybe seeing The Great Wall Today but now that I look, Logan is out now too… Hey, maybe I’ll just see both!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I got Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS, didn’t include it above because I’m lacking the device to play it on, thought I should get it while it was available though. It was the game that got me into the seires, but more on that another time…


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