March ’17 in Review

You may or may not have noticed the lack of Their Taste in Tunes in March. I said it would be relegated to a monthly piece only to do nothing with it. I’m not saying it will be back or gone forever but I have no plans for continuation as of right now. Regarding these review pieces, I’m going to change them. I’m not going to list off everything I play or watch, mostly just the new  stuff or whatever I find worth mentioning. As I’ve said, I’ve a bit of a backlog, and a lot of games that I’d play one or two bits of and then leave for a while so it’d feel a bit redundant to mention those. Also, I can’t remember if I explicitly said it or not but the recording of new films is to be used for a best of list at years end (hopefully in video form). I may also see about a custom domain soon enough, it’s just a matter of having the finances properly planned for it.

In the more personal news, I had that appointment but it didn’t have the results I’d hoped for, my next will not be until May. Hmm… Can’t think of much else to say, I finally got my hair done and dyed yesterday. I had an idea for antoher project which I’ve done a tiny bit of work on, I’ve not really done anything with the project I’d mentioned last month though. I really need to work on my commitment to these things.

New Release Films

Beauty and The Beast

Yeah it was alright, very similar to the original animated feature from what I hear. Yes, I am that person who has not seen the animated one. The prince is never given a name but based on the opening scene, I say he should be referred to as Prince Glam Rock.

Kong – Skull Island

Awesome film, quite intense for it’s age rating. The action is always there. It appears to be within continuity of Godzilla (2014) but I wonder what this means regarding the time frame within the two films? Will the films in between be set in the ‘hollow earth’ that’s referred to? Just the way the post credit scene was framed it implied that the cast may be featuring in the next films but that’d imply it won’t be a modern setting. But yeah, the film itself is pretty good.


Honestly I’m not too well versed in the X-men films as is, but even a cursory knowledge of the characters would make this film worth seeing, hell probably worth seeing with no knowledge at all. Though you could be very lost then… Fantastic film and a great end to Jackman’s portrayal of The Wolverine.

Power Rangers

Quite enjoyable film. Billy is the best, of course. Sure I there are problems with it but it’s not a horrendous adaptation that I’m sure some people were expecting. I was surprised to see Bryan Cranston in it. I remember seeing articles about that a while back but I remember those along the lines of the articles wanting Danny De Vito as Detective Pikachu. Oh this is by no means a complaint, he does great in the role. Also, why with that opening joke…

The Great Wall

Another enjoyable film, one I’d put into the stupid fun film category, much like Pacific Rim, so, not in any way an insult. The costume design in it was amazing. The monster design was alright, at least original.


Iron Fist

Eh, it was…. meh. I never got too invested in it. So with that alone I’d say it’s the weakest of the Netflix Marvel series. Although come to think of it, I think it’s the first to have a character that cares about murder for more than one episode. That being the best character in the series, Tom Pelphrey’s Ward Meachum. Also, Claire finally gets a weapon, claws. So it serves to advance her some.


As I said, I’m not going to mention every game I’ve been playing, just what I feel is worth mentioning that I remember too. Probably won’t give them all a subheading, just games that are new to me and talk about other games all in the one paragraph


Someone showed me this Ketchapp game and I’ve played quite a bit since, it’s an enjoyable time waster.

What else have I been playing? Or will be playing? I’ve started a new game in Dragon’s Dogma, never got far enough for the dlc stuff since the PC re-release. Also, Heroes of the Storm is getting a big update, going to 2.0, I’m not sure how I fell about it, looks like it’s heavily there to facilitate microtransactions with lootboxes akin to Overwatch. The implementation of new gear at a pace much higher than you’d receive them just became offputting to me. I’m hoping it won’t be the case with Heroes of the Storm.


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