June ’17 in Review

I can’t recall much worth mentioning about the month other than offer my thoughts on what I’ve seen. I’ve not played anything new in June. I started writing a long form piece about my history with a game series. I’ll try to finish that soon enough, though I’m not sure if I’ll publish it at first, I may want to make it a video essay.

I’ve an event coming up mid-July that I’m looking forward to, ordered some new clothes for it, looking forward to getting them delivered. I may post pictures but if so it’ll be somewhere else, no space for that here.

New Release Films

The Mummy

I thought it was alright. Not great but enjoyable. I’m sure some would disagree, especially regarding tone. It takes itself quite seriously but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I try to go into most films without any real expectations. Less likely to be disappointed that way.

There were some problems I had with it though, although they’re largely to do with the framing of it with relation to it’s expanded universe. One thing being that it’s just being stated as a  being an expanded universe in the opening logos. Also, they’ve called it Dark Universe and I have to say I’d have rather gotten Guillermo Del Toro’s proposed Dark Universe.

Also, I’d have to wonder to what end it’s an expanded universe. Each of the universal monsters were generally to their own films. Is it with the ultimate goal of a monster team? I’m not necessarily against the idea but the way they just said it and implemented by putting Jekyll and Hyde into it as their Nick Fury stand in.

Tonally inconsistent too, felt like it sometimes wanted to be an action film others a horror film, and the other points just wanting to talk up the expanded universe. Visually it was quite good though, with a few really cool set pieces. And Jake Johnson’s character was enjoyable.

Wonder Woman

One of the biggest releases of the year I’m sure. It was good, the action scenes were very well done. Though I must say I thought the climax was a bit of a drag. And I found Diana’s naivete  to be a bit irksome, though less so on second viewing.

Other Films


One on my Netflix list for quite a while, it was the title image that was really interesting, with a sci-fi looking soldier. Though they only gear up like that toward the end of the film. It’s a good film though, soldiers fighting what they can only think of as ghosts, trying to find out what they are and how to fight and stop them. The visual effects are really good.

TV Shows


Idris Elba, that’s reason enough for me to watch it. He’s stars as the lead, John Luther in this cop show. It’s really good, series four went up on Netflix just as I’d finished three. I’d say it’s not as strong as the first three but it was still good, just a two episode special too. I believe another season/special is in or will be in production soon enough. Really good, and not too long either, check it out.


Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

I normally don’t do trailers (this being the first) and it may seem contrary to what I was saying above regarding keeping low expectations. Actually, that could make for an interesting thing to write about… But regarding this, I thought I’d just mention it. Reason being that Starship Troopers is my favourite film, which makes sense since it’s the best film. So it’s nice to see something happening with the franchise. Especially since I enjoyed the 2012 film, Invasion. Much like that one it’s an animated film. Looking forward to it. Just keeping my excitement tempered. Fun fact for you, I’m tempted to get a ‘Death From Above’ tattoo, it’d be my first so y’know I’d just be wary of taking that plunge as it were.




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