July ’17 in Review

I have to say, since I’m  writing this, I am just not in the mood. Not that I don’t want it done, just that I don’t feel like doing it. Call it apathy or just a lack of motivation, hopefully it won’t last. Other than that? No real plans, been looking at some software, yet still to look at hardware options for video production. But regardless I won’t be able to properly start saving for them until December for reasons I’ll mention below.

As I said last month, I was going to a show. I really enjoyed it, I made a few good friends and surprisingly, I won best dressed! The prize for which was two tickets to the next one, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. I already have something I’m planning to wear for it. I got it a while back but I’ve not actually tried it on since getting it though. Also, a few people have been complimenting my style since then, which is unexpected. So anyway, I’m saving up for the next show (It’s not in my town so I need accommodation). On top of that I’ve found out about another convention I want to go to in Manchester in December, For The Love of Sci-Fi so with that being international, it would be rather expensive. I want to go to meet Casper Van Dien, though the other attractions are pretty great too. Had I known about it sooner I’d have gone to the Irish convention he attended earlier in the year.

New Release Films

Cars 3

I like the Cars franchise, well the first one. This one wasn’t too bad, a fine ‘end’ to Lightning’s story.  That being if it’s the end, who knows if they’ll keep going, not the franchise should just stop but Lightning’s character would have to take on a different role in any future installments.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The bigger release of the month, rather enjoyable. A few annoyances though. Keaton was a delight in it. It was all the school drama nonsense that just bugged me. Ned and Michelle just bugged me, for different reasons. Being insufferable in the “Wow, that’s so awesome!” and “Hey everyone, Peter knows Spider-Man!” from Ned and the “I’m a loner character who doesn’t like anyone but I do but I won’t say it, I don’t care.” from Michelle. It was also a little offputting that almost any scene with Aunt May (with at least one without) had people hitting on her. One of the most effective scenes for me was when Peter was in great peril, he is screaming for help, in a situation clearly unlike anything he’s experienced before, and it’s a great scene. Or at least it would be if it lasted longer than just five seconds before he thought to himself “I’m Spider-Man” and was able to get himself out of it. Also, why was Happy so rude?
Oh I almost forgot, it really bugged me the way that Flash was treated in the film by all the teachers. He answered a question wrong and when Peter got it right the teacher called Flash out. When Peter decides he wants to be on a (general knowledge) team as they are leaving on a trip to DC the teacher in charge of that just decides that Flash is out in favour of Peter. Sure, Flash is a tool but he’s treated as an inferior to Peter by all authority figures in the film, it’s not hard to see why he might not like the guy.

TV Shows


I’m about half way through series three of it at the moment. Though have to much to say about it though. It’s alright. The effect for the dragon was quite amusing at first.

Person of Interest

A sort of spy show? It stars Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezal. For the first few seasons they get numbers of those in trouble or causing it, they need to figure out which and protect or stop them. Things really escalate at the end of season three and as soon as I finished season four I immediately had to check that season five was a thing, four ends on such a downer. Oh the show makes great use of music when it’s called for. Oh, also in the first episode they use a song from the Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Don’t think I didn’t notice… A lot of it is surveillance based investigation, hacking phones and accounts to find out what the people are up to and whatnot. The side characters are all rather compelling too. And there are additions to the ‘core’ team as it progresses. I’d recommend it.


Huh, I started to pick up a bit of steam toward the end there, alas  I just needed to force myself to focus more I suppose. I don’t think I really played anything ‘new’, but as I’m sure I’ve said before I won’t be writing about everything I play every month. That said, Slime Rancher comes out of early access today I believe, I’ve not played that since it first released in early access. I probably won’t play it today but may wait to do what I did on first play, that being play it while just a little bit drunk. So if I’m to get my supplies for that on Wednesday, I’ll probably also be going to the cinema, the question is: what should I see first, Captain Underpants or Dunkirk?
Alright honestly, some of Captain Underpants stuff looks dreadfully annoying but Dunkirk has already pissed me off with its incessant advertising. Oh, Valerian is out, stupid action movie with good effects. Though if I want to see Apes I should probably see it sooner rather than later…



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