May ’18 in Review

Aw damn, I forgot today was the first. I'm going to keep this really short because I've been really sick over the past week. But hey, the referendum was in favour of repealing the eight so that's great! Films Avengers: Infinity War Yeah, I finally saw it. Twice now actually. The first in 3D actually …

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April ’18 in Review

First of May, you now what that means, time for April in Review. Well it's been an eventful month to say the least. I won't go into too much detail but to summarize; there was a bereavement in the family, there was my birthday, and I finally got prescribed something I've been waiting over two …

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December ’17 in Review

So... 2017 has finally come to an end, and miraculously I'm still here. There were a few times throughout where I was going to give up, I know, ridiculous considering it only really amounted to about twelve pieces to write. Even so I sometimes struggled with motivation, but I managed to pull through the waning …

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