February ’18 in Review

So I normally like to write these the night before when I can as I've rarely been up up in time to write them on the day before. I've a terrible sleep pattern but it's being improved. At the moment, the country is pretty much shut down due to snow, can't wait for that to …

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January ’18 in Review

EDIT: I added Three Billboards, I forgot about it when first writing.   Look, I'm going to be pretty up front about it, I've been pretty depressed throughout January and didn't get all too much done. Not really in the mood to do this right now either but it needs doing. I've said before however …

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December ’17 in Review

So... 2017 has finally come to an end, and miraculously I'm still here. There were a few times throughout where I was going to give up, I know, ridiculous considering it only really amounted to about twelve pieces to write. Even so I sometimes struggled with motivation, but I managed to pull through the waning …

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